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Background Still for The Mummy (1932)

The Mummy (1932)

runtime: 01:12

rating: NR

director: Karl Freund

writer: Richard Schayer, Nina Wilcox Putnam

cast: Boris Karloff, David Manners, Zita Johann, Arthur Byron, Edward Van Sloan

release date: December 22nd, 1932

Boris Karloff's legendary performance as The Mummy has become a landmark in the annals of screen history. When Egyptian mummy Im-Ho-Tep is accidentally revived after 3,700 years, it is revealed in a flashback that he was a high priest, embalmed alive for trying to revive his true love after she had been sacrificed. Alive again, he sets out on an obsessive - and deadly - quest to find his lost love. The Mummy remains a masterpiece not only of the genre, but of all time.

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