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Background Still for Miracle in East Texas

Miracle in East Texas

runtime: 02:10

rating: PG

director: Kevin Sorbo

writer: Dan Gordon

cast: Kevin Sorbo, John Ratzenberger, Louis Gossett Jr., Tyler Mane, Gwynyth Walsh

release date: October 29th, 2023

Based on actual accounts, this is the tale of two aging con-men at the dawn of the Great Depression and the biggest oil strike in the history of the world. Irving Tanner, Jr. (Lou Gossett, Jr.) recounts the 1930 legend. Times are hard, when the unluckiest wildcatter in the world, Dad Everett (John Ratzenberger) teams up with Doc Boyd (Kevin Sorbo), a charming snake oil salesman. Together they convince several new widows (Sam Sorbo, Paula Boudreau, and others) to invest in their worthless oil wells. Then, the unthinkable happens! Our two Casanovas face a challenge: declare another dry hole for a clean escape, or bring the well in like genuine oil men, and likely spend the rest of their lives in jail? Meanwhile, some of their angry investors (Tyler Mane) are fixing to do something about their scheming. This mostly true story will make you laugh, shed a tear, and give you pride in the God-Blessed American way.