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ACX Experience

Build Your Experience.

At ACX Cinemas, we know the two most important parts of going to the movies are you and the movie. Whatever you want to add to that experience is up to you. We’ve got the movie covered. The ACX experience brings you into the movie with premium large format screens, dazzling colors, and incredible sound. While you take in the majesty that is a movie on ACX, relax in a LuxLounger recliner. If you want classic concessions: snag some popcorn and candy and settle in. If you want to grab a pizza and a craft-brewed beer, we’ve got you covered. If it’s family night, date night, or any night, make it a movie night with ACX Cinemas.

The Bar.

Our bar has a wide selection of beer, wine, and spirits. Guests are welcome to bring all concessions and bar drinks into the auditorium to enjoy while watching the show. We’ve got locally brewed craft beers on tap, creative cocktails, and all the classics. Keep it simple with a super tall Bud Light, or go nuts with a Frozen Jack & Coke. Want to hang out after the show and dissect that murder mystery over a glass of chardonnay? Be our guest.

Our People.

We love movies, and we recognize that movies are amazing because there is something for everyone at any given moment. Family films, thrillers, superheroes, and villains all have a home on the silver screen. And when we say something for everyone, we mean it. You don’t have to know that Benedict Cumberbatch is both Dr. Strange and the voice of Smaug the Dragon to enjoy The Avengers, but if counting the number of franchises Benedict appears in alongside Martin Freeman (three) is your thing, more power to you.

If you’re waiting for the next Star Trek movie because you can’t wait to see how they develop the new timeline, or if you just have a crush on Chris Pine, you are welcome at ACX theaters. We don’t have any secret handshakes, and there are no quizzes to prove you’re a “real fan.” We’re here because we love movies and we love bringing people together to share the movie experience.

Movie Magic.

Once you’re settled in, and the lights go down…the magic starts. There is not a call button at your seat. We don’t have ‘Ninja like servers’ roving around a dark theatre trying to upsell you on some nachos. Movies are designed to take you on a trip, an adventure. So, we like to think of it as the ultimate escape from the issues of the day. When the lights go down and the picture hits the screen we are in our Movie Church. We feel strongly that movies without interruption are movies done right, and we think you’ll agree. In fact, we know you do because we see our customers every day. We are a family-owned operation that has thrived in Omaha, because we work hard every day to improve the movie experience for our community. We genuinely care about our neighbors and guests and we hope it shows.

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