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Social Media Content Policy

At Main Street Theatres social media is an invaluable way for us to listen to and learn from our valued guests. We also use it to share important information about our theaters, upcoming releases, promotions, special events, ACX Rewards benefits and other important updates.

Our overarching principles of respect, common sense, and how we conduct business extend to all our social media platforms.  It is in that spirit that Main Street Theatres reserves the right to remove any posts we find to be inconsistent with these principles, including, without limitation, posts containing:
 Profanity
 Personal attacks of any kind
 Spam
 Names of our employees
 Offensive terms that target specific ethnic or racial groups
OR content that:
 Promotes commercial products
 Includes inaccurate information regarding our business
 geared toward the success or failure of a partisan political party, group or candidate
 Incites hate

Last Updated: August 2018